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Newest version of this documentation is available at
[[File:Kiwix box.png|250px|right]]
This page is a documentation to help to easily '''build a DVD''', or any portable version, with Kiwix and content on it.
== File structure ==
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! Path || OS || Comment
| /autorun.inf || Win || Necessary to give an icon and start automaticaly the DVD launcher
| /autorun/ || Win || Necessary to store the DVD lauchner and autorun.inf dependences (ICO for example)
| /install/ || all || Files necessary to install Kiwix on the HD
| /data/content/ || all || Directory to store the ZIM files
| /data/index/ || all || Directory to store the search index
| /data/library/ || all || Directory to store XML library files
| /kiwix/ || all || Directory to store the chrome, the components and binaries for all OS
| /bonus/ || all || Directory to store additional stuff to stuff the DVD
== Library ==
The library directory should contain the library files (library.xml for example). The library files are a set of XML file in [[FeedFormat|this format]] which describes which content are available, where are the index, etc...
To created this library file, use [[kiwix-manage]] or edit it manually (be careful, paths must be relative).
== DVD launcher ==
You can build a DVD launcher (autorun.exe) for Windows users. Read this [ README]. You can also download a pre-compiled version [ here].
== Windows installer ==
You can easily build an installer. Please read this [ README]. If you want an already compiled installer, you may download a portable version kiwix (only the software) which is always provided with an installer [ here]. This installer is able to install Kiwix and will dynamically copied the files in /data.
== ISO ==
<source lang="bash">
mkisofs -r -J -o ./dvd.iso ./dvd
== To download ==
We already prepare portable version of Kiwix with content. Files are downloadable at
You merely have to unzip the file. Beware, it's a flat directory structure, if you're used to Linux you want to <tt>mkdir KIWIX; unzip ../</tt>, with which you'll end up with the following files and directories in <tt>KIWIX</tt> (as of November 2014).
    autorun      data  install  kiwix-0.9-src.tar.xz  kiwix.exe
    autorun.inf  dvd  kiwix            kiwix-linux.tar.bz2
=== Creating a Kiwix USB stick ===
You can copy the files contained in the .zip onto a FAT32 formatted USB stick to get a device that can be used easily on Windows and OS X (as per November 2014) machines, there are also the necessary files for Linux, but these will not work out of the box.
To add more than one Kiwix image you can add more files to <tt>data/</tt>.
[[Category:Developer's Guide]]

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