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Platforms - Tools

Here some of the ideas that could improve our communication and diffusion about the Kiwix project on Internet and communities.

Without any specific order i list the ones i have come up with,

Press Room

This should work to give official (extended) announces of releases, important changes on the project, and more. Even if our announcements are short, or not so frecuently we should have this place to make it the "official source" of information for the media. I think that we could work on and conver it on a Press Room.

Micro-blogging (

Like now, we can use the power of this increasing tool, around the communities to get in contact with the people, also spread the word about the releases. This could be used like the News section on the main page site


Other great idea that i find to spread the project around internet, software communities, schools, and also get help from the users to get involved and use Kiwix, could be the implementation of banners. Here some good examples,


The map is another great tool, but right now i find it difficult to be used by the main users of the Internet, not sure if we can get a easier tool than Google Maps, but i wish we could. Or work on a "inscription process" aiding schools, software projects or users to apear on the map. Could we think on for this matter? Here some work aorund,


Like it is said "Une image vaut mille mots", "Una imagen dice más que mil palabras", "A picture is worth a thousand words". This (may not be so important) but also represents a good idea for new users, new comers, people in general. Some examples,


This is a great tool, but the main problem is that it requieres much more time than any of the previous ones. Other common problem is the language, because it may be kind of "selective" even "discriminatory", ok i over react "selective", if it's written in certain language, that other users don't understand, some translation to other languages mys work but, again it requieres time for that.

This tool, i find it great to eventually write about the roadmap of the project, extended versions of the releases (copied from the Press Room ;), relate the presence of the project on conferences/events like LinuxTag, or any other that might come, and extended version o the news (the opposite of news ;) Any way, this is a great tool.