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Versão 0.9

  • Suporte e intalação em Windows
  • Permitir arrastar e largar de licheiros ZIM sobre o UI
  • Novo "Salvar página" (em ficheiros)
  • Novo "Imprimir como PDF"
  • Links no interface para "Relatar um bug" e "Pedir uma função"
  • Nova opção de limpeza de perfil no final de cada sessão


  • Internal library of ZIM (to be able to manage many ZIM files)
  • First search result is now only loaded with a pretty good score
  • New Bookmarks and Notes system (coming from Moulinwiki)
  • "Recently opened" menu
  • ZIM library management outside the profile


  • Autodection of the UI locale at the first start (GNU/Linux only)
  • Localized UI
  • New Hebrew, Portuguese, Chinese and Persian localization
  • Translate ISO code in the language sub-menu

Advanced users

  • ZIM HTTP server called "kiwix-serve" for Windows, OSX and Linux. It is now integrated in the Kiwix UI, allowing everyone to share Wikipedia on a LAN in two clicks.
  • Command line indexing tool called "kiwix-index"
  • New script to compact search engines indexes in the profile called ""

Version 0.8

  • Only available with GNU/Linux
  • Ability to open/read any ZIM file
  • Self indexing tool
  • Search engine based on Xapian
  • Multilanguage: en, fr, es, de, it, ar
  • Save of the main window geometry

Version 0.7

This version is not available and supported anymore from the project

  • self installer
  • support of the zeno storage format
  • new corpus manager allowing simple download of new contents

Version 0.5

  • history
  • print
  • x86/Windows, x86/Mac & x86/Linux
  • search engine
  • skins

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