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* Finish to define M0 and M1
* Finish to define M0 and M1
* Progresses on completing M0
* Progresses on completing M0
==== Kiwix-Android ====
* Preparatory work around release of 3.4.7 (migration to Maven, [https://github.com/kiwix/kiwix-android/pull/2727 support of SD card in Android11], recruitement)

== Impact ==
== Impact ==

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This page summarizes the action plan for the Kiwix Hackathon Fall 2021.



Kiwix JS

  • Use emscripten to compile and try to use libzim & kiwix-lib : Mossroy/Geoffrey/Matthieu
  • Setup infrastructure for i18n of kiwix-js : Geoffrey/Mossroy
  • Backport most of the UI of kiwix-js-windows : Geoffrey/Mossroy
  • Switch the default mode to ServiceWorker : Mossroy/Geoffrey
  • Discuss a method to read remotely an index (in JS), hard problem of #659 : Kelson/...




  • Agreed on multi-steps roadmap to build OLIP and Offspot images from a single toolchain that will ultimately be operated by the Cardshop and/or OLIP Marketplace.
  • Agreed on development distribution and schedule (debuts in April 2022)
  • Created repositories for base-image and image-creator


Kiwix JS

  • Latest libzim can now be compiled easily and properly with emscripten. It's ready to be integrated in kiwix-build.
  • A proof of concept shows that we are able to use this libzim in javascript to read ZIM content, including xapian full-text search. But there is still a limit on the ZIM file size on the emscripten side : we've created an issue there, with a simple test-case.
  • An incomplete integration of this libzim in kiwix-js is available in a PR, and makes use of libzim to read most content. It works well, but is currently slower
  • A PR is ready to implement the workaround to use ServiceWorker mode in Firefox extensions, which is a pre-requisite to switch to ServiceWorker mode by default. The PR has still to be polished a bit.
  • A decision has been made on how to handle external links in ServiceWorker mode (which was also a pre-requisite to switch to ServiceWorker mode by default)






  • Finish to define M0 and M1
  • Progresses on completing M0




~ 5 developers meet during a week to make this steps forward.


The hackathon will take place in Lyon, France in a house located in the Saint-Jean District. Address: 2 Montée du Gourguillon. Metro: Vieux Lyon (there's another entrance further up at 35 Montée du chemin neuf, metro Minimes).

DO NOT FORGET TO BRING AN EXTENSION CORD (and an adaptor if you are not joining for mainland Europe).


  • October 24th (Sunday) afternoon: arrivals (suggested arrival time 5PM)
  • October 24th -> October 31th: Kiwix hackathon
  • October 31th (Sunday) afternoon: departures (suggested departure time 3PM)


  • Emmanuel
  • Renaud
  • Geoffrey
  • Florian (3 days onsite, the rest remotely)
Located in Lyon
  • Matthieu
  • Mossroy
  • Stephane
  • Grégoire


  • Hosting: 2'031.35 CHF
  • Food:
  • Transportation:
  • Varia: