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This page summarizes the action plan for the Kiwix Hackathon Spring 2022.


Hackathon will take place in Crest in a big house from the 29th Mai to the 5th June 2022.


DO NOT FORGET TO BRING AN EXTENSION CORD (and an adaptor if you are not joining for mainland Europe).


OLIP / OffSpot

  • First working version of the base common | OS image Kelson (talk)
  • First working version of kiwix-hotspot based on containers Kelson (talk)
  • Discuss next steps and integration of the two solutions within kiwix-hotspot/cardshop. Kelson (talk)
  • Discuss Storage Location of master/base image


  • Support Service-worker based ZIM files (from Zimit)
  • Remove vue.js dependence (replace with native Qt) in library


  • Clarifiy situation around Zimit based ZIM files Kelson (talk)





  • First milestone tickets
  • Initial build script working, with arm64 support
  • CI/CD setup and deployed
  • Discuss next steps and integration of the two solutions within kiwix-hotspot/cardshop
    • base-image to be built for armhf and arm64 on GithubActions
    • image-creator to take a JSON input (merge of cardshop configuration and OLIP descriptior) and outputs a final image with running containers
    • Image to allow several boot-time configuration: hostname, network, wifi, applications
    • OLIP to use an in-final-image step to complete OLIP setup using its custom behavior
    • Initial base-image and image-creator to be mostly developed by Kiwix within next two months, code being reviewed by OLIP to be merged in
  • Discuss Storage Location of master/base image:


  • Discussed situation around Zimit based ZIM files.
  • Agreed to fix the 3 most used scrapers for inline CSP in a short delay.


  • Sunday afternoon: arrivals (suggested arrival time 5PM)
  • Monday - Saturday: hackathon
  • Sunday afternoon: departures (suggested departure time 3PM)


  • Emmanuel
  • Levon
  • Mossroy
  • Matthieu
  • Renaud
  • Stephane
  • Florian
  • Julien
  • Tom


  • Hosting:
  • Food:
  • Transportation:
  • Varia / Goodies: