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== Impact ==
== Impact ==

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Esino Lario from Grigna
Esino Lario Town Hall

This page summarizes the action plan for the Kiwix Wikimania 2016 hackathon. This hackathon has for main motto to improve the developement of Kiwix serve and ZIM content and bring Kiwix integrators together.


  • Build MWoffliner scheduler (server/client)
  • Split MWoffliner in a command line script and a nodejs module
  • Modify MWofliner to apply "readibility" extension
  • Add categories to MWoffliner
  • Get OCG able to deal correctly with js/css resources
  • Reuse MWoffliner when necessary
  • Get OCG able to generate ZIM files
ZIMit —
  • Release 1.0 (tasks)
    • Add an user interface
    • Add logging to the workers
    • Test it and make it work on a selection of sites
    • ...
  • Add opensearch backend
  • Add ability to search in many ZIM files at the seame time
  • Add UI translation
Web server (nginx/Apache) ZIM module
  • kiwix-serve runs as a separate, self-contained web server. Having a way to enable existing web servers to interact directly with ZIM @Julian
  • Create a plugin that can be used by other web servers e.g. nginx, Apache, to interact with zim files.
New catalog
  • Create OPDS backend
  • Integrate OPDS in Kiwix for Android & iOS
Android (& iOS)
  • Allow the app to act as a web server (integrate kiwix-serve) @Julian
  • Release new version of Kiwix for Android
  • Add in-app analytics [provided the team agrees, etc] to help the development and project team learn more about how the app is used so we can help improve the UX and the quality of the mobile apps. @Julian
  • Release version 1.0
XSCE/Internet in a Box
  • Participate in New Catalog Design
  • Modify Admin Console to use New OPDS Catalog for ZIM Downloads
  • Generate Navigation html snippets for downloaded ZIMs and integrate into menus
  • Integrate ZIMit into XSCE Admin Console
  • Modify impacted Help Files
  • Adapt XSCE to new search strategy
  • Integrate proxied kiwix server into apache in XSCE
  • Test on three platforms: XO, RPi, NUC
  • Stretch Goal: Generate Navigation snippets for downloaded ZIMs for use by WordPress


Attendees, please put your achievements here



  • Find synergies between integrators to avoid duplicate works
  • Increase collaboration and understanding between Kiwix team and integrators
  • Improve kiwix-serve, Kiwix solution uses by all integrators
  • Publish first version of "ZIMit", an agnostic Web2ZIM scrapper allowing to create easily a ZIM for from any web site
  • Publish new version of the Gutenberg scrapper and publish new versions of the Gutenberg ZIM files (last version is from 2014)
  • Publish first version of sotoki, a StackExchange network (most famous IT forums in the world) and publish ZIM files from the most famous site: stackoverflow , stackexchange, askubuntu, serverfault, superuser.
  • Bring back ZIM export feature to Wikimedia web site (ZIM support in OCG), so everybody can click and create a custom ZIM file directly from Wikimedia web sites and per extension from any Mediawiki instance
  • Improve MWoffliner to avoid duplicate code with OCG
  • Add OPDS support to Kiwix infrastructure to allow our solution to scale and deal with >10.000 ZIM files
  • Fix a few bugs with the TED scrapper and generate a new set of TED videos
  • Extend new features of Kiwix into XSCE/Internet in a Box


~ 12 developers meet during a week to make this steps forward.


The hackathon will take place in Esino Lario, Italy:

... instructions to go there'


  • June 16th: arrivals (suggested arrival time 5PM)
  • June 17th -> 21th: Kiwix hackathon
  • June 22th -> 23th: Wikimania pre-conference hackathon (don't forget to register)


  • Emmanuel
  • Rashiq (remote)
  • Chris (remote)
  • Dattaz
Mediawiki OCG
  • Scott
Internet-in-a-Box &
  • Adam Holt
  • Tim Moody
  • Yannick
Ideascube && Biliothèques Sans Frontières (BSF)
  • Julian Harty* (with RACHEL hat)
  • Joe


~10.000 CHF/USD

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