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Библиотека- краткая помощь по библиотеке Kiwix и как загружать/удалять/присоединять ZIM файлы ...
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Kiwix is able to read .ZIM file format which would be the content package of a specific language of Wikipedia or any other online contents. By this way, you will be able to read these online content in offline mode. Kiwix has a section named "Library" where you can organize your ZIM files. There are many ZIM files available to use including over 80 languages of Wikipedia and some other projects like Wiktionary, Wikisource, Ubuntu documentation, etc. There are two ways for downloading a ZIM file and using that:

  1. Choose your desired .ZIM file from the list of Wikipedia ZIM files, and then download and install that (see User guide if you had any problems in installing the ZIM file)
  2. Choose your desired .ZIM file from the Library, and then download and install that.

The second method is easier and also there is a complete list of .ZIM files in the Library section which includes some ZIM files (like ICD-10 or Ubuntu Documentation, etc) which are not available in the list of Wikipedia ZIM files.

You can organize the ZIM files in the Kiwix Library.

In order to enter the Library section, click on Browse Library icon Nuvola apps bookcase.svg in the Kiwix toolbar and you can return to your previous page by re-clicking on the same Library icon. You will see a page with a menu in its left side then which contains two options (My library and Get new files) and also a search box.

By clicking on My library you will see a list of your installed ZIM files in the right side of the page. Each of the ZIM files in that list has two buttons, Remove which removes the ZIM file from your Kiwix Library and Load which launches the ZIM file content. You can also see the ZIM file details like the size, number of articles and media files, language and the date which would be helpful if you are going to update a ZIM file. Note that by removing a ZIM file, you won't be able to use the ZIM file content again and you should open install and index that in order to re-use it.

By clicking on Remove, you will be asked for confirmation to delete the ZIM content from your Library list. Mark the Do not delete content (ZIM) file if you want to keep the original .ZIM file in your memory/hard disk. Note that you can not run more than one content package simultaneously, for instance, if you are using the English Wikipedia ZIM content and want to read an article of French Wikipedia, you should load the French Wikipedia ZIM file from your Library. So you have to load the ZIM file you want to use from the Library list and you will be navigated to the homepage of the same ZIM file then. You can load another ZIM file by going back to Library section and load it.

Нажав на Получить новые файлы вы будете видеть список доступных ZIM файлов для загрузки и их свойства. Кроме тех ZIM-файлов, которые есть уже в " Моей библиотеке"! Вы можете нажать на кнопку Download, если Вы хотите скачать ZIM файл прямо из Kiwix, не используя web-браузеров и менеджера закачек. Раздел в левой стороне секции "Библиотека" полезен когда вы хотите искать определенный ZIM файл или отобрать список ZIM файлов с определенным размером или языком и т.д. Окно поиска ZIM-файлов и фильтров доступно и в секции "Моя библиотека"(для файлов, которые находятся уже на вашем компьютере) и в секции "Получить новые файлы"(с файлами, которые находятся на нашем сайте). Чтобы найти нужный ZIM файл, просто введите его название в текстовом поле "Поиск ZIM-файлов"и если нужно отсортируйте список по названию, размеру или дате, отберите по нужному языку или укажите максимальный размер файла. Есть также фильтры по автору и по издателю.