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Hotspot Demo Configuration

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  • internet on: enp1s0f0 (IP
  • domain (*
  • demo private network:
  • dedicated user: qdemo
  • bridge iface: br0
  • bridge IP:

Available images


  • reserved


  • reserved


  • domain:
  • tunnel: tap2
  • IP:
  • SSH port: 5222


  • domain:
  • tunnel: tap3
  • IP:
  • SSH port: 5322

Add new image

  • add new tap
  • add tap to bridge and enable it
  • Edit /root/
  • Edit /etc/hosts: add private IP and corresponding hosts
  • Create /home/qdemo/plugdemo_XXX (change IP address)
  • Create /etc/nginx/sites-{available,enabled}/
  • Create /usr/local/bin/img_run_XXX (change last number with TAP number)
  • edit this document and add new image details

Setup image

# start QEMU (in a screen)
img_run_XXX /path/to/image.img

# wait until boot. log-in (pi/raspberry)
> sudo systemctl enable ssh && sudo systemctl start ssh && exit

# once SSH is enabled (adjust suffix and SSH port)
scp -P 5222 ~/plugdemo_edupi-fr pi@localhost:plugdemo
scp -P 5222 ~/ pi@localhost:  # make sure the name in if OK before
ssh pi@localhost -p 5022 "sudo mv ~/plugdemo /usr/local/bin/plugdemo && sh ~/"