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This page is about integration between Kiwix and Kolibri [1] [2] [3]

(created for the Wikimania 2017 Hackathon)

Trying Kolibri

Online demo:

Using locally:

  1. Download the .pex file:
  2. Make the file executable: chmod +x kolibri-v0.4.3.pex
  3. Run Kolibri ./kolibri-v0.4.3.pex start

Integration focus areas

Integration on Android

Using Intents to cross-reference between the platforms

Deep-linking in both directions

A more general version of cross-linking to resources between the platforms.

From Kiwix: Say you export a zim of a Kolibri channel which has an exercise, then we can use a placeholder with a deep link back to Kolibri.

From Kolibri: Instead of trying to fit in a Wikipedia zim, we can find a mechanism to add links as related contents. Like "Want to learn more about atomic fusion, read about it on Wikipedia".

Exporting Kolibri channels to Zim

Static contents like videos in Khan Academy or can be exported as zim, given we use the meta data (topic trees) for navigation + some template parameters like title, logo and colors.

Exporting Zim to a Kolibri channel

Exporting to the Kolibri Content Curation server: Build a ricecooker script that creates a topic tree and iframes the static HTML files and assets from a Zim source? May not be very useful for all of Wikipedia, but can be useful for smaller Zim projects.

* Benefit: Someone can start creating exercises and re-organizing for a specific educational purpose
* Benefit: Other channels can include new learning materials from already existing Zim resources

Shared OPDS standard

Aligning standards of exporting meta data to OPDS, such that Kiwix Zim resources and Kolibri Channels can be searched and browsed through the same interfaces. Collaborate with Tim Moody on this.

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