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Kiwix-serve provides an OPDS feed. This API allows to retrieve the library metadata, but not the content themselves.

A live instance can be see at https://library.kiwix.org/.

End points

  • https://library.kiwix.org/catalog/searchdescription.xml which proposes an overall OPDS description in XML format
  • https://library.kiwix.org/catalog/search which accepts a few GET parameter:
    • q=<PATTERN> which proposes a keyword based search in the catalogue (on title and description).
    • lang=fra which proposes a language filter. Use an ISO639-3 language value (like in ZIM metadata).
    • tag=wikipedia to list only entries with all of the specified tags.
    • category=phet to list all entries with specified category.
    • notag=_videos:yes to filter out entries with any of the specified tags.
    • name=wikipedia_ny_all to list only entries with the specified name (exact match).
    • maxsize=1234567890 to filter out entries larger than the specified size.
    • count=2 to limit the number of results.
    • start=1 to indicate an offset in search results.
  • https://library.kiwix.org/catalog/root.xml which proposed the index of all the books

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