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* [[User:Kelson|Kelson]]
* [[User:Kelson|Kelson]]
* [[User:Reg|Reg]]
* [[User:Reg|Reg]]
* Cip
== Grants ==
== Grants ==

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Offline Hackathon 2013

This is the page of the Offline hackathon 2013.


31 March (evening)-7th April (morning). 2013.


The hackathon will take place in the south of Paris, a flat is rented.


Kiwix-mobile for Android using QT (with Necessitas). A first version of kiwix-mobile for Android should be released at the end of the week.


This hackathon is reserved for people already involved in the development of offline technologies.


Hackathon is sponsored by WMCH, all travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed by WMCH for the developers.

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