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This page summarizes the plans for the Kiwix Hackathon 2023 in Paris.

Date & Venue

From Sunday 05 February (evening) to Sunday 12 February (morning) in Paris at BSF office in Paris


DO NOT FORGET TO BRING AN EXTENSION CORD (and an adapter if you are not joining from mainland Europe).


OLIP / OffSpot

Define roadmap for BSF <> Kiwix

  • How image builder will be used in BSF OLIP platform
  • Define next milestones for BSF <> Kiwix in Marketplace project
  • Share hardware benchmarks / topics (WIFI benchmark, etc...)




  • Strategy to display/filter flavours within readers
  • Improve the OPDS category API
  • How to deal with notification of update #638
  • Discuss flavour handling in kiwix-serve (#421 et #545 in libkiwix)
  • Kiwix-serve
    • Complete the widget system
    • What can be done to optimize page load performance?
  • Polish Kiwix Web site
    • New content page with widget
    • Review code page
    • We should make a good page on the scraping offer
  • Prepare project zimwriterfs2, Gutenberg2, nautilus2
  • Define requirement document for the test benchmark
  • Define cost structure and maintenance rules / fees for external packages on the hotspot (Africatik, Wikifundi, etc.)
  • Roadmap for Makumbusho PoC and Wikitionary apps


  • CI
    • Bump-up GitHub workflow actions on many repositories to avoid CI warnings Kelson (talk)
    • Ensure PPA for Kinetic is populated (remove PPA for impish if needed) Kelson (talk)
  • Kiwix Android
    • Update credentials for Mohit and Gouri to better to their job with the Play Store Kelson (talk)
    • Revamped the Custom App CD (update, cleaning, using 'release' GitHub event) and improved README. Kelson (talk)
  • Content
    • New WikiMed in Ukrainian and Russian Kelson (talk)
  • BSF
    • Agreed to discuss collaboration further in early April once they have laid out their solution architectue
  • Kiwix build
    • Create small documentation about CI containers Kelson (talk)
    • Revamping of CI image creation Kelson (talk)
  • zimit
    • released zimit 1.3.1 with crawler 0.8.0 and warc2zim 1.5.1 and wabac.js 2.15.2
  • kolibri2zim
    • Updated to latest scraperlib
    • Fixed end-of-process status (incorrectly considering success and creating a ZIM file)
    • Allowing duplicate entries (content comes from kolibri)
  • Offspot
    • released base-image 1.0.0
  • Libzim
    • Revamping of CI (mostly on the Linux part)



  • Reg
  • Kelson
  • Veloman
  • MGauthier
  • Bastien
  • Tom


  • Hosting: 1'774,35 CHF
  • Food: 644.48
  • Transportation: tbd
  • Varia / Goodies: tbd