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The Kiwix volunteers program offers motivated and talented people ways to work for Kiwix during a limited time. Contributors can speak English, French, or German. Technical volunteers should know JavaScript, CSS, or other web languages, or C++.



Kiwix for iOS

ZIM Autobuild (assigned)

Deaddrops & Geocaching (Assigned)

Testing platform

We need a solution to test automatically Kiwix. We have currently nothing... so we start from scratch.!


Create a publication platform, a Web site online similar to itunes which would provide the list of available contents to download in ZIM, EPUB, .... also offer to see the book before downloading it.


Make a proof of concept of a ZIM file providing a map using OSM data and a tool like openLayer.

Improve P2P support

Linux Packaging project (assigned)

Ambassador Program

Create an ambassador program. Ambassadors would be special people especially aware about Kiwix and able to help others:

  • Spread contents
  • Makes conferences
  • Makes advertisement
  • Local representative

To do that, we should develop a set of tools:

  • Advertisement Package
  • Ambassador program definition
  • Map base on Ushahidi to locate them

Starter Kit

Perhaps a nice kit would help. You know, like for organizing Linux installation parties[1] or Mozilla's event kits[2] etc., that encourages people, and provides step-by-step guidance and advice, to go and install Kiwix with a relevant offline Wikipedia file in their local no-Internet (or restricted/expensive Internet) school, college, community center, etc.

Would anyone be interested in working on that? WMF can contribute funding for some materials -- a Kiwix quick-start guide or cheatsheet, stickers, T-shirts. [1], [2]


It would be great to have a video (screencast) presenting the software with its most important feature.

Here is a proposition:

  • Presentation slide of the video with slide and authors
  • Presentation of the context (Online Wikipedia put offline of a DVD)
  • Presentation of the principle of Kiwix and ZIM
  • Starting Kiwix
  • Open file
  • Indexing file
  • surfing
  • searching
  • special features: fullscreen, switch language, font bigger/smaller, random page, etc.
  • Finish (present the ZIM availables and how to download them)

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