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Open edX is the open-source (AGPL) platform software for MOOC developed by EdX.

Lots of websites are powered by Open edx, especially edx and fun (France Université Numérique).

A list is available here :

Course instructor choose their license for content.

Using API

You Must register with the Open edX server with Oauth 2.0 Documentation :

it's use Xblocks and we can get them with the API. List of Xblocks is available here :

VM of basic openedx is available at bitnami (Require at least 3Go of RAM): [1] with exemple course. VM of Fun version of openedx is here : [2]

Exemple using API

 1 #!/usr/bin/env python3
 2 #List course of fun 
 3 import requests
 4 import json
 6 url = ""
 7 data={"pagination" : { "next" :url } }
 8 while data["pagination"]["next"] != None:
 9     r = requests.get(data["pagination"]["next"])
10     data=r.json()
11     for course in data["results"]:
12         print(course["course_id"] , " : ", course["name"])