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I just want to say thank you for this opportunity to be a part of Kiwix!

Nilutpal Neog.
== And What of Kiwix? ==

(Nilutpal Kumar Neog)
and what of Kiwix? Is this about the kiwi, the wiki, or the linux?
Indian Singer,Writer,Poet,Musician,Novelist.

নিলোৎপল নেওঁগ ।
:It's up to you to decide what it means ;) [[User:Kelson|Kelson]] ([[User talk:Kelson|talk]]) 14:25, 5 February 2014 (CET)
2/ Date of Birth: 21 October, 1996.
3/ Zodiac: Scorpion.
4/ Nick Names: Dhun,Nitu,Nilu etc.
5/ Father's Name : Robin Neog.
6/ Mother's Name : Niva Neog.
7/ Brothers : Mintu Neog,Jitu Neog And Rintu
8/ Sister(s) : No.
9/ Father's Occupation: Sectional Assistant Of
Brahmaputra Board Dept,Govt.of India.
10/ Village( till now ) : Nilakh Tokowoni.
11/P.O : Nilakh Chariali.
12/Pin - 786110.
13/Block: Sisiborgoan.
14/Dist : Dhemaji.
15/Police Station: Silapather.
16/Province/State: Assam.
17/Country: India.
18/Global Country : Asia.
Current Location: Mumbai, India.
Roaming Locations : USA,Singapore,UK,Dubai
19/Nationality : Indian(Hindustani).
20/Mother Language : Assamese (
অসমীয়া ) ।
21/Religion: Hindu.
22/Complexion : Light.
23/Hairstyle : Normal.
24/Body: Slim.
25/Smoke: Yes.
26/Drink: Occasionally.
27/Diet : No.
28/Serious Disease : Not Yet.
29/Married Status: In A Relationship.
Spouse(s): Not Yet.
Children(s) : Not Yet.
Achievement(s) : Yes,Too Many.
31/High School: Sankardev Vidya
32/College: Dhemaji College.
33/Stream: Science.
34/Hobbies: Writing,
And Bike Riding.
35/Political: Not Interested Yet.
36/Aims Of Life : Have Various Aims.
37/University: University of Mumbai.
38/Sports: Carrom And Badminton.
39/Email : Nilutpalassam@gmail.com .
40/Contact/Mobile Nos :
41/Websites/Blogs :
• www.nilutpalkr.com .
42/Social Networks: Facebook ,
Twitter etc.
43/Professions : Engineer.
44/Occupations :
Freelance Writer ,
Poet ,
Lyrist ,
45/Thinking Review: I am Just Following My
Heart And Ideal Persons.
46/Nature: Cool,
And Emotional.
47/Religious View: Have Faith On It.
48/Life Tragedy: Too Much.
49/Experiences : Too Many.
50/Initial Family Economic Status: Middle Class.
51/Life Review: Life Is A Race.You Go To
Success To Make Your Life Valuable.Work Hardly
To Make Your Life Legendary.Life Is Mixed Place
Of Success And Failure,Overtake Them. Keep
Your Smile Even During The Very Dangerous
Situations To Solve Your Problems.
52/Favourite Colour: Blue.
53/Favourite Fruit : Grapes.
54/Favourite Dishes: Meat and Bread.
55/Loving Uncle: Bojen Neog.
56/Best Friends: Pulakit Dutta
And Kandarpa Sonowal.
57/First Love :
58/Recently Breakuped Girlfriend..
59/ Favorite Flower: Rose.
60/ Favorite Music: Classical Musics.
61/Favourite Place: Home Place.
62/Like: Lonelyness,
Silence and
63/ Hate: Metal.
Nilutpal's Creative Works Publishing online
In Following Sites:
ডব্লিউ ডব্লিউ ডব্লিউ ডট আৰোহণ ডট
কম ।

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