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Translation for developers/it

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Created page with "Prima di iniziare a integrare nuove stringhe nel codice di Kiwix è preferibile comilare Kiwix: *Scarica il codice non stabile *Compilalo *Avvialo andando nell..."
== Verifica il codice e avvia Kiwix ==
Before starting to work on the integration of new strings in the Prima di iniziare a integrare nuove stringhe nel codice di Kiwix code, it's preferable to è preferibile [[compilation|achieve to compile comilare Kiwix]]:* Get the unstable codeScarica il codice non stabile* Compile itCompilalo* Run it by going to the Avvialo andando nella sottocartella kiwix subdirectory and launching ''e eseguendo "kiwix''".
''Remark: If you are not able to compile Kiwix, or do not have xulrunner available (is the case for example on Ubuntu Oneiric and further) you will still be able to be able to start kiwix and get an interface although the application won't work correctly, but that's enough for example to manipulate the XUL files. In this case you will have to make a few additional stuff like add "MaxVersion=42.*" as new line to kiwix/application.ini and launch Kiwix using this command in the "kiwix" directory "firefox -app application.ini"''.

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