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Tajiki Zim file?
::: I am actually Iranian and my language is Persian(With Persian alphabets) and I'm not fluent in Tajiki which is an accent of Persian but is written in cyrillic script,The Russians did [ that] so nowadays people in Tajikistan use Russain much more than Persian,at least in their online activities!! And I'm going to use this ZIM file and some other things to write an script which can transliterate Tajiki to Persian and vice versa, I'll use my script and Persian translate to make the Tajiki translate available. It will take a while but I will.Thanks a lot for the ZIM file!
:::: Nice. If you are fluent in C++, we would love to integrate such a tool based on libicu transliteration algorithms. [[User:Kelson|Kelson]] ([[User talk:Kelson|talk]]) 18:35, 25 December 2014 (CET)

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