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Created page with "Crear un '''programa de embajadores'''. Los '''embajadores''' serían personas especiales con conocimientos sobre Kiwix y capaces de ayudar a otros: * Compartir contenidos * H..."
The Kiwix '''volunteers program''' offers motivated and talented people ways to work for Kiwix during a limited time. Contributors can speak English, French, or German. Technical volunteers should know JavaScript, CSS, or other web languages, or C++.
== Tasks Tareas ==
== [ (re)-Introduce ZIM support in Mediaswiki Book creator/OCG] ==
=== Programa de embajadores ===
Create an Crear un '''ambassador programprograma de embajadores'''. Los '''Ambassadorsembajadores''' would be special people especially aware about serían personas especiales con conocimientos sobre Kiwix and able to help othersy capaces de ayudar a otros:* Spread contentsCompartir contenidos* Makes conferencesHacer conferencias* Makes advertisementHacer publicidad* Local representativeRepresentante local
To do that, we should develop a set of tools:

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