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::Hi, just wanted to tell you that this is now implemented. More details at:
::Hi, just wanted to tell you that this is now implemented. More details at: [[User:Kelson|Kelson]] 13:05, 1 April 2012 (CEST) [[User:Kelson|Kelson]] 13:05, 1 April 2012 (CEST)
== e des hommes chinois de natation ==
Zhang Lin your été continuent à lutter strain de degree olympique, l'ensemble des hommes chinois de natation une autre find emblématique Wu Peng (microblogging), mais avec une victoire copieux strain l'ensemble des prochains Jeux olympiques de Londres renforcer. <p>
Pékin, the 13, au 100 t papillon mètres aux États-Unis Huge Prix de Nage sta de Charlotte now, Wu Peng your battu [ chaussures asics]  Phelps your remporté durante 1 tiny 56 secondes 69 : Wu Peng de deux ans au sein de [ asics running]  la 3e heat Phelps. Lorsque l'ensemble des médias américains comme the "poisson volant" ont à maintes reprises contrarié paniqué [ chaussure asics pas cher]  quand l'ensemble des gens impatients de Wu Peng à Londres une fois de and also à surmonter la scène de la "poisson volant", Wu Peng, mais dans une occupation interview qui ressemble assez discret, que ce Huge Prix ne signifie rien, objectif se révèle être de médailles à Londres, "comme for peut the battre Phelps, je ne pense pas trop. à Londres arène, tous l'ensemble des athlètes sont des rivaux, et nous nous efforçons de faire leurs semblables. inches
Dans the Prix des Etats-Unis Grande a strong dernier, Wu Peng avait consécutive de 100 mètres papillon sur l'Phelps battu strain briser the monopole de ce dernier sur the projet. Bien que l'ensemble des événements beaucoup moins d'influence que la concurrence internationale, mais l'ensemble des actions Wu Peng your choqué la natation. La Charlotte now, Wu Peng à yardage Phelps 1 tiny, fifty-one secondes, fifty-one details du monde (les championnats du monde 2010 à Rome), mais encore une fois dans the Kai olympiques de Londres rideau gagne sans doute à la "poisson volant" la sonnette d'alarme. L'ensemble des médias américains [ asics]  ont publié l'article d'accord avec Wu Peng, la posture de Phelps opposition ne peut pas être ignoré, [ asics pas cher]  "USA Today" et même the Peng Wu romantic relationship à Liu Xiang dans l'eau (le web-site officiel du [ chaussure asics]  site de micro-blogging), the respecter et Liu Xiang sera à Londres à la lifestyle américaine avantages du projet initié [ chaussures asics pas cher]  par l'impact. </p>
À cet égard, la troisième victoire sur Phelps Wu Peng, très légèrement, "tellement excitée de the battre à nouveau l'ensemble des deux premiers, mais aussi and also surprenant, je n'ai pas pensé avant d'aller à the battre, je veux juste the processus de faire, classements de operation ne sont pas particulièrement s'attendre dans the heat Shaoxing (les Championnats), 100 relative amount de papillon n'est pas très satisfaisant, donc ce jeu se révèle être d'avoir the message, il faut grim que l'ensemble des résultats définitifs ont été assez satisfaisants au cours de la période de configuration que dans une telle manière pas mal. la victoire de leur propre constitue une incitation, mais the Huge Prix n'a pas vraiment signifier quelque decided on.

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~~ Is there a ZIM file for the entire English Wikipedia? I have the WP1 +30000, yet would prefer the entire version, even if the file is large and the articles haven't been vetted. AnAnthro 06:35, 14 October 2010 (UTC)

Hi, due to a lack of Hardware ressource we are not able to prepare such a ZIM file currently. Maybe in the future... Kelson 07:46, 14 October 2010 (UTC)
How about a version without images?
The future is finally here, we have the whole en.wikipedia text only available for download. Stephenwanjau 20:42, 11 May 2012 (CEST)

I would like to see a Dutch version, covering all the NL entries of Wikipedia. Any chance this might happen?

Please open a feature request. This can be done. Kelson 15:57, 4 November 2010 (UTC)

Hi, I see you are not able to create a ZIM file from the entire english wikipedia. Can you provide a tutorial on dumping wikipedia content to ZIM files? This would open the path for enthusiasts to create and share their own dumps and we would see the english dump soon. --Klaufir 06:07, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

They are a stub of documentation there. Kelson 09:11, 19 December 2010 (UTC)

Where is the newer arabic wikipedia?

I want newer wikipedia than this in your site now it is old, can you creat newer one soon please>


and I hope your program to be good in search not like okawix which is very very very bad searchin just about 40% of results at least in arabic wikipedia .zeno

is you program better than okawix in searching tell me please,



You may check the search engine online here. Your feedback is really welcome.

This is the last ZIM file, do you mean this file is too old?

Kelson 07:21, 2 February 2011 (UTC)

I have checked the searching although the library is Persian not Arabic ( but both in the sam alphabe)

The Arabic one is [1]

It seems very good searching like clucene > isnot it?

And yes I means that version is old one year ago 72009 update 32010

When the ar wikipedia is less articles

I want one newer now the articles are 138 000 and much more words pre article> Can you compile one??

Regards, Wish you luck.

Oooops sorry for the error with Farsi. Great to heard that the search engine works well in arabic. This is done with Xapian... but we are also working to add a clucene backend. I have open a feature request for the new WP ZIM in Arabic here I do not know how much time I will need (I have also many other ZIM to do)... but I guess this should be done in a few week. Emmanuel

Good news to hear you workin to add clucene it is ultimat searching engine,and to adding new zim files.

THank you .

Ubuntu 11.04

Hi, I'm trying to install Kiwix on Ubuntu 11.04 Natty Narwhal but it do not find the repositories for this distro. Someone has managed to install it in Ubuntu 11.04?, Thank you. --Karkeixa 13:17, 24 June 2011 (CEST)


Hllo Karkeixa in effect is possible install Kiwix in buntu 11.04, im used one fork of UBuntu - FlavituLinux, he is based on Ubuntu 11.04 and kiwix works, in the past in the first days of ubuntu natty release Kiwix package require some depndencies packages im not remember whats packages dependencies i need to install , but: -in this moment Kiwix install very well in Ubuntu 11.04 and no need package dependencies, in other words the problem is solved! - Portaro -

Wikitaxi Importer-like Tool

Hi there:

Thanks for your dev effort.

How about developing a Wikitaxi-like importer tool ( )? This way, the user would always be able to have/download the latest dump available over at wikipedia and thus convert it for use with Kiwix. Is developing such a tool that much hard to achieve? I guess you could set up an agreement with Wikitaxi's developer for getting programming help from him so as to get know how to do this. Sorry if my suggestion sounds naive - actually it seems his Wikitaxi project is closed source, isn't it? And thus he might not be willing to somehow share pieces of code that could in a way be used for developing a new tool by a third party.

Kind regards from Brazil.

Hi Mchal. We won't do that. Kiwix renders HTML and do not have an integrated wiki render engine. We think rendering localy the wiki code is not the good approach. You are right, wikitaxi is closed source and also not portable. We work either to provide to download what you need full Wiki ZIM files. This should comes during 2012. Thx for your feedback and patience. Regard Kelson 12:40, 12 November 2011 (CET)
Hi, Kelson.
Ok, thanks. In fact, your whole setup is just fine as it is. I really appreciate your dev efforts - you offer an excellent wiki reader to users out there, which, by the way, I'll recommend to them whenever possible. My gratitude. Good luck and all the best.

CHP.EXE Reported as Malware

Hi, Kelson:

Windows Defender reports that the file indicated above is malware. Also, please, see this online virus scan report, here:

It's a bit worrisome such reports, you know...

Thanks anyway.


Hi, chp.exe ist not a malware so this is an error of Windows Defender. This is a normal open source program: So you can ignore the warning and allow it running. But this is a problem that Windows Defender reports an error, I'm agree. We are working to avoid the usage of chp.exe in next version which will be released in a few weeks. You may follow this bug report Kelson 17:20, 14 November 2011 (CET)


OK, thanks for your reassuring reply.

Open Specific Article on Kiwix Launch

Is it possible to open Kiwix and specify (on the command line) what article to load? We are investigating using Kiwix for an embedded help system, but for that to be context sensitive, the user would click a button in another program and that would cause the other program to launch Kiwix, and also tell Kiwix to load the contextually relevant page. Joeclarkia 18:18, 29 March 2012 (CEST)

I found the SourceForge Tracker and found ticket 3484628. It has basically the same request. Joeclarkia 21:56, 29 March 2012 (CEST)
Hi, just wanted to tell you that this is now implemented. More details at: Kelson 13:05, 1 April 2012 (CEST)