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[[File:Translatewiki_Logo.svg|right|thumb|Kiwix uses [//translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:Kiwix translatewiki.net] to translate its user interface]]
[[File:Translatewiki_Logo.svg|right|thumb|Kiwix uses [//translatewiki.net/wiki/Translating:Kiwix translatewiki.net] to translate its user interface.]]

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Kiwix uses translatewiki.net to translate its user interface.

Kiwix user interface is translated in more than 80 languages. This page explains how to proceed to improve these translation by adding/updating string translations.

The translation of strings does not need any special computer skills. Everybody can help! Translators do this using translatewiki.net, a really powerful online translation platform.

In order to improve Kiwix user interface translation in your native language:

  1. go to FirstSteps,
  2. follow the wizard and wait a few hours for the authorisation,
  3. translate the strings of Kiwix which still need to be translated.


We also need people to translate this wiki. You just need to create an account to translate one article or two!

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