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This is pretty easy to transle the interface of Kiwix: you only have to provide a localized version of [ these files in English]. You just need to follow these steps:
# Open [ main.dtd] with a text editor and translate in your language every strings between quotes. This file is responsible for the menu items and the keyboard shorcuts. To help you, you may have a look to your localized version of Firefox which has similar menu entries.
# Open [] with a text editor and translate in your language every sentences after the equal character. This file is reponsible for the error and warning messages.
# Open [ help.html] with a text editor and translate every content. Take care, this is XHTML code and you have to translate displayed content but also find a good alternative to the URLs if possible.
# Make a [ new feature request] and indicate you want to have Kiwix with a GUI in your language and upload all the three files you have translated.
== See also ==
* [[Subversion]]
* [[Compilation]]

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