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Kiwix will be present at Wikimania 2013 in Hong Kong. A few developers will be there and will try to work and advertise the project.


  • 2-12 August


From the 2 to 7, developers will run a small hackathon and be present at the Wikimedia two tech. days. Goal is to release Kiwix 0.9rc3 at the end of the hackathon. The following things should be done:

  • Fix Buildbot and virtual machines for compilation.
  • Move Windows DVD launcher to the "other" git repository
  • Rewrite/improve (make modular) the paths to search for library XML in the Kiwix library module
  • Makes the storage in the profile compatibles with the portable version (data/[content/index/library])
  • Make the library working in both relative/absolute paths at the same time
  • Migrate pugixml/libzim/ctpp2 outside the kiwix source code (dependencies)
  • Better loading approach (ask for indexing) by clicking on the "load" library button
  • Make a portable version of Kiwix for OSX
  • Run the integrity check in a separate thread
  • Fix the crash on OSX and Windows with vietnamese articles
  • Make Data directory cutomizable
  • Fix Tabs with RTL UI


  • Migrate to XR20, in particular for OSX and Sugar
  • Fix the retina bug on OSX
  • Move windows installer to the "other" git repository

Wikimania booth

Kiwix will have a permanent booth during Wikimania with:

  • Demonstration XO
  • Demonstration Table with Kiwix for Android
  • Kiwix-plug demonstration
  • Panneau présentation vertial
  • Banniere
  • Flyer
  • Dossier de présentation
  • Read-only USB disks


We have propose two presentations.



  • kbox to provide matching table of boxes/builds
  • automatic start/stop of VMs before/after the builds for saving server resources
  • better cleanup of nightly folder (especially when we shut down buildbot for days)

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