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This page documents the behavior of the Zimfarm.

Accessing the zimfarm

At the moment, the zimfarm requires authentication. This won't be necessary in the future. Track this issue to be informed of the Web UI opening.

In the mean time, you can contact Kelson to get a user account.

What's on the zimfarm?

Any ZIM created by OpenZim and Kiwix. That's the goal. The WebUI provides a list of all ZIM creations managed (scheduled in our jargon) by the platform.

Play with the filters to find your ZIM. If your content is not present, chances are that there's no ZIM for it. In this case, request its creation (see constraints there).

If your content is a MediaWiki or a docker-friendly scrapper already exists, please request its addition.

Where are the ZIM files?

The zimfarm is a ZIM building platform. If you're looking for the actual ZIM files (its output), go to download.kiwix.org. Once created by the platform, ZIM files are quickly made available there.

When will the next version be released?

An important goal of the platform is to allow automatic, periodic creation of ZIM files.

We target monthly updates. If your ZIM is 2 months old or more, please open a ticket and we'll find out why.

How can I edit schedules?

You can't. Please open a ticket (see above) about edits and someone with admin rights will make the change.

Current Scheduling (July 2019)

  • All schedules.
  • Manually provisioned by @automatic (chris) on first day of month.
  • No notification ATM (see #277).
  • Workers:
    • Large: -
    • Medium: mwoffliner1, mwoffliner2, mwoffliner3, mwoffliner4, kelson
    • Small: mwoffliner1, mwoffliner2, mwoffliner3, mwoffliner4, mwoffliner5, kelson