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Kiwix recommends using [// Bittorrent]</translate>]]
'''Kiwix''' is perfect to read for reading '''Wikipedia''' offline. In order to read and enjoy the Wikipedia articles offline, you will need:
# Kiwix (the software)
# The [ ZIM file] with the content of the specific linguistic Wikipedia the user want (for example in e.g. English).# Optionally, the pre-index allowing fulltext ZIM file allows full-text searches.</translate>
== <translate><!--T:22-->
To obtain Wikipedia offline on your computer, you can download the components separately or download a ready-to use package including all of them:* '''Non-indexed ZIM''' files contain only a ZIM file. This allows you to search for articles by title, including suggestions. You may want to [[Special:MyLanguage/ZIM Indexing|index]] later if you need to do fulltext full-text searches.* '''Portable pre-indexed ZIM''' files contain the Kiwix software with a pre-indexed ZIM file. Everything is compressed in a ZIP file. For now, these packages work only with Microsoft Windows and GNU/Linux. In these packages, the ZIM files may be split into several two gigabytes parts to be compatible with FAT32 file-systems.</translate>
The '''Portable pre-indexed ZIM''' is always a little bit bigger than the '''Non-indexed ZIM''' file, but if you have enough bandwidth, we recommend users to download it. It's the easiest way to have a directly usable ready-to offline Wikipedia offline reader and this package will can be really easy to copy to many different placeseasily redistributed.</translate>
There are two ways to download each file:
* '''Bittorent''' (recommended) which downloads the file with a [ torrent software]. Using Bittorrent you save our bandwidth and you get the certainty that your file won't get corrupted during the download process.
* '''Direct download''' which downloads the file directly with your browser. If you already have Kiwix installed on your computer, we recommend you to download this ZIM file from the internal Kiwix library.</translate>
Kiwix displaying an article of Wikipedia</translate>]]
If you have downloaded a '''Non-indexed ZIM''' file, then you only need to open it with Kiwix (you have downloaded seperatlyseparately) and if you need itto, index it in addition.</translate>
If you have downloaded the '''Portable pre-indexed ZIM''', you will need to unzip it before using it. One time Once it's is unzipped you can find the Kiwix executable in the "kiwix" directory if you use are using Microsoft Windows or in "kiwix-linux" directory if you use are using GNU/Linux.</translate>
== <translate><!--T:23-->

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