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Live CD

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Cristian created a '''Live CD''' of Kiwix which {| style="width:80%; margin: 0 auto; border:2px solid #00D93F; padding:5px; background-color: #C1FFD3;" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="4"|colspan="2"||-| This project is been rebooted, to follow the new updates have a live CD of Ubuntu with Kiwix on it.:httplook at the GitHub repository [ To log in use the following credentials:Username: ''CristianCantoro/kiwix-live kiwix''-live]Password: ''kiwix''|}
The aim of this project is to create a '''Live CD''' of Kiwix which is a live CD of Ubuntu with Kiwix on it.
You simply have to boot on the CD/DVD/USB and login (kiwix/kiwix) an you will be able to use kiwix.
The whole stuff is done with [ Novo builder].== TODO ==
Here is an improvments list concerning this idea:
* Cristian

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