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Live CD

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== TODO ==
Here is an improvments improvements list concerning this idea:* Cristian** find a better graphics for desktop background (if you will)** find a better graphics for login background (at least add the info about default username and password)** new splash screen (more complicated) ?** add a readme file on the desktop** maybe make a window with the README pop up at login. * Kelson** change the splash screen** Document the live CD creation process** <del>Be able to do the same but with a scriptable solution</del> (done using [ Vagrant])** <del>Remove the login windows</del>** Include a pre-indexed content** <del>Remove all the unnecessary stuff/binaries from the CD (please list here: [[Live CD/Binaries to remove]])</del>** <del>Launch automatically Kiwix in fullscreen at the start</del>

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