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Live CD

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The aim of this project is to create a '''Live CD''' of Kiwix which is a live CD of Ubuntu with Kiwix on it.
You simply have to boot on the CD/DVD/USB and login (kiwix/kiwix) an you will be able to use kiwix.You can also use it to boot a virtual machine. == Release ==Here's the v0.1.0 of the '''Kiwix Live CD'':* [!qAkFBKqJ!ft44O1WJ6toWoW3Hl99y5fv0gc13TjuOKZAaggh9AVA kiwixlive.iso] v0.1.0* [!yIlERT6D!o96qRaqegL55EWx4zCYCxd3m77aL4mr62uIpFsRpXrk kiwixlive.iso.md5] (md5 sum file)
== TODO ==

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