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এটি কিউইক্সের '''প্রায়শই জিজ্ঞাসিত প্রশ্নাবলী''' (বা '''প্রাজিপ্র''') পাতা। আপনি যদি আপনার প্রশ্নের উত্তর খুঁজে না পান, তাহলে দয়া করে [[Special:MyLanguage/Help/bn|সাহায্য পাতা]] পড়ুন বা আমাদের [ ফোরামে] ভ্রমণ করুন।
{{FAQ_entry|question=কেন কিউইক্স PPC ম্যাকসমূহের জন্য উপলব্ধ নয়কোথায় আমি নতুন বিষয়বস্তু খুঁজে পেতে পারি?|answer=Kiwix uses the [ ZIM format]. We do not have a PPC architectured Mac and this architecture is outdatedrelease [[{{ll|Wikipedia in all languages}}|our own ZIM files]] which are available for download in the Kiwix library (in the software). You can also use the [ Book creator] on Wikipedia to generate your own ZIM files.}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=কোথায় আমি নতুন বিষয়বস্তু খুঁজে পেতে পারিMy ZIM file is too big, what should I do?|answer=Kiwix uses USB flash drives and memory cards are often formatted using the [ ZIM format]. We release our own ZIM FAT32 filesystem which can't store files which are available for download in the Kiwix library (in the software)bigger than 4GB. You can also Better use the [ Book creator] on Wikipedia exFat, or any modern filesystem, and then you will be able to generate your own store big ZIM files.}} {{FAQ_entry|question=কেন কিউইক্স PPC ম্যাকসমূহের জন্য উপলব্ধ নয়?|answer=আমাদের কাছে কোন PPC স্থাপত্যকৃত ম্যাক নেই এবং এই স্থাপত্যটি অধিক পুরানো।}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=একটি ZIM ফাইল হালনাগাদ করা কি সম্ভব?|answer=It is not possible to update a ZIM file itself, but you may download a new ZIM file with updated versions of the contents.}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=How can I build a ZIM file by myself?|answer=To export articles from Wikipediaand other Wikimedia projects, please go to their [ this pageSpecial:Book]. For any other use case, this is unfortunately still too complicated(in short: Parsoid needs to be [ installed], then [ mwoffliner] + zimwriterfs). Please read [ this page] if you want to have some information.}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=How may I optimize the search engine index?|answer=Launch the script "./kiwix-compact" (only available on GNU/Linux) and this should reduce disk use by almost 50%}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=How to install a pre-indexed ZIM file on Mac OSXOS X?|answer=Move or copy the "data" directory in "/Applications/". You will probably need to go to the Kiwix "library" to load the ZIM content.}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=Is there a user forum where kiwix Kiwix users can exchange experiences and help each other?|answer=Yes, it is located at []}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=I have downloaded a ZIP file (pre-indexed ZIM file) but I can't unpack unzip it, the file seems to be corrupted. What should I do?|answer=Use an unpacking software which supports the ZIP64 format (ZIP format for big files), like for example [ 7-zip]. If this still fails, then your file was corrupted during the transfer, please restart the download using BittorrentBitTorrent, then it will work.}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=How do I check the integrity of my ZIM file?|answer=You can retrieve the checksums for each file we serve online using this pattern: <source>kiwix-filename.zim.mirrorlist</source>Example: <source></source>}} {{FAQ_entry|question=I can't copy Kiwix on my USB flash drive because the index files (*.idx directory) are too big.|answer=USB flash drives are often formated formatted using the FAT32 filesystem which can't store files bigger than 4GB. We recommend to use [ exFAT] or [ NTFS] which can deal with big files and is are broadly supported.}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=How can I launch Kiwix with a specific article?|answer=You need to launch Kiwix from the command line using the -articleByUrl option. For example:<source lang="bash">kiwix.exe -articleByUrl "zim://A/foo.html" bar.zim</source>}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=My ZIM I have a downloaded a .torrent file is too big, what should I do?but the download does not progress in my BitTorrent client.|answer=Kiwix is able There are a few reasons why the download with BitTorrent might failed, most of them are related to deal with 2GB splitted ZIM filesthe usage of [https://en. The splitted ZIM files must be named xxxwikipedia.zimaaorg/wiki/BitTorrent#Web_seeding web seeds]:* Your computer is behind a proxy, xxxyou need to configure your BitTorrent correctly to use it.zimab* Your computer is part of a local network with custom network rules forbidding the BitTorrent usage, xxxyou should complain to your network system administrator.zimac* Your BitTorrent client does not support web seeds (correctly), etcplease try with a better one (for example, [http://deluge-torrent. To split a ZIM file org/ Deluge]).}} {{FAQ_entry|question=Where are located, on my computer, the content files I have downloaded?|answer=If you may usehave used the Kiwix library, the content are stored:* On Microsoft Windows: [httpOS X:<source lang="bash">/Users/<LOGIN>/Library/Application Support/Kiwix/Profiles/<PROFILE>/~hoangledata/filesj</ FSJ-Lite],source>* On Apple Mac OSX: [httpGNU/Linux:<source lang="bash">/home/<LOGIN>/loekjehe.homewww.xs4allkiwix.nlorg/kiwix/Split&Concat<PROFILE>/ Split&Concat]data/</source>* On GNU/Linux and with the consoleWindows: split --bytes<source lang=2000M my_big_file"bash">C:Documents and Settings<LOGIN>Application Datawww.zimkiwix.orgKiwixProfiles<PROFILE>data</source>}}
== আরও দেখুন ==
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Help|সাহায্য]]
* [ ফোরাম]

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