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[[File:Kiwix logo instaler.svg|{{revautoalign}}|330px]]
'''Kiwix''' allows you to enjoy a lot of different content offline, without any access to internet. It's a desktop application, but we also realease a 允许你在没有互联网连接的条件下,使用多种不同的离线文档。这是一个桌面级应用程序,但是我们也推出了 [[Special:MyLanguage/{{ll|kiwix-serve}}|HTTP server version called 一个叫做 ''kiwix-serve''的 HTTP 版本]]. But before using 。但是在你使用 Kiwix, you need to download it with in accordance with the operating system you're using. Then, after starting 之前,你需要下载适用你所使用的操作系统的Kiwix。然后在电脑上启动 Kiwix on your computer, you will be able to choose the content of your wishes in the 之后,你可以在 Kiwix library and download it directly from 的数据库中选择你所希望的文档并且直接从 Kiwix.中下载。
== Microsoft Windows ==
'''Kiwix for Microsoft Windows''' is available in two formats:
* A [http portable version] you can directly use after unzipping the file. This version may also be installedIt is a 64-bit application and supports Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later.* A For Windows 10 devices (PC, tablet, mobile), [http Kiwix JS] is a UWP app available from the Microsoft Store.9_rc2/kiwix-0Kiwix JS supports Windows 10 on any device: x64, x86 and ARM.9-rc2-installer.exe/download self-extracting installer] you need to install before being able to use itZIM archives can be downloaded in the app.
Kiwix for Microsoft Windows is a 32-bit application and supports Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later and also is compatible with 64-bit operating systems.{{clr}}
== 苹果 OS X ==
'''Kiwix for Apple Mac OS X''' 以 DMG 文件格式提供。您只需要去下载即可,打开 DMG 文件映像,并且将 Kiwix 拷贝到应用文件夹。目前为止,没有供 OS X 使用的移动版本的 Kiwix 。
== Apple Mac OSX 安卓 =={{Kiwix_download_button_for_macKiwix_download_button_for_android/zh-cn}}'''Kiwix for Apple Mac OSX''' is provided as DMG fileAndroid 是Kiwix的安卓版本,为所有搭载于移动设备的安卓系统设计。它提供了一个在安卓4以上版本的设备上,使用Wikipedia和其他ZIM格式文件的简易途径。这个应用拥有典型的安卓应用风格,运行流畅。在 [ You simply need to kiwixmobile Play Store] 或 [https://download it, mount the DMG image and Kiwix to the Applications folderkiwix. So far, there is no portable (apk download directly usable on a USB flash drive for example) version of the APK file] 下载应用并体验吧。 Kiwix for Apple Mac OSXAndroid可以在下面几个应用商店中下载:* [ F-Droid]* [ Aptoide]* [ Opera Mobile Store]
== Android iOS =={{Kiwix_download_button_for_androidKiwix_download_button_for_ios/enzh-cn}}'''Kiwix for AndroidiOS''' is a new version of 是全新版本的 Kiwix. It provides an easy way to enjoy Wikipedia and other 。他使 iPhone , iPad 和其他所有运行 iOS 8 的装置可以以简单的方式去享受维基百科和其他 ZIM files on all Android4+ devices. This app has a perfect Android look&feel and is extremely fast. Give it a try on 文件。这个应用程序有着一个完美的 iOS 界面体验,并且它的运行速度是极其的快的。在 [ Play Store/id997079563 iOS App store] or 上尝试这个应用。[ download directly the APK file from Sourceforgeid997079563 iOS App store 的链接] 你首先需要从 iTunes App Store 中下载 Kiwix 软件,然后将下载您需要的 ZIM 数据文件 你可以直接通过Kiwix的APP下载ZIM文件,不过这种方法也许会耗费大量的时间并且有可能出错。一种更快且更可靠的方式是在电脑上从[[Content_in_all_languages|this web site]]里下载ZIM文件再通过iTunes的文件分享功能传送到iOS设备里。
== GNU/Linux ==
{{Kiwix_download_button_for_linux/enzh-cn}}'''Kiwix for GNU/Linux''' is a standalone application provided for the x86 architectures:是一个提供给x86架构的独立软件.* [http 32 bits binaries] * [http 64 bits binaries] (Download this if you don't know如果您不太了解,请下载这个)
Unpack the downloaded file and run the "kiwix" program. If you have a 64 bits x86 system and try to run the 32 bits version of Kiwix, check that you have the multi arch support installed on your computer.
We also provide a precompiled version of [[kiwix-serve]] and other Kiwix console tools for ARM CPUs. You may download it [http here].
A few GNU/Linux distributions also provide packages of Kiwix:
{|style="border-spacing: 28px;"
| style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:Archlinux.png|42px|center|link=http]]<small><p>[http /kiwix-bin/ &dArr; Archlinux]</p></small>
| style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:logo_sugar.png|36px|center|link=http]]<small><p>[http &dArr; Sugar]</p></small>
== Source Code 源代码 =={{Kiwix_download_button_for_sources/enzh-cn}}
'''Kiwix can run on almost every operating system.''' But, we don't provide pre-compiled binaries for all of them. If you are interested in running Kiwix on an operating system for which we don't provide binaries, you may download Kiwix source code and [[compilation{{ll|Compilation}}|compile Kiwix on your own]].
== See also 查看更多 ==* [[Special:MyLanguage/{{ll|Features}}|Features特点]]* [[Special:MyLanguage/Wikipedia{{ll|WikipediaContent}}|内容]]* [[Special:MyLanguage/{{ll|Help}}|Help幫助]]

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