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Tell us your story
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"Kiwix kullanıcı arayüzü 80'den fazla dile tercüme edilmiştir... Hala birazcık işimiz var."
Using the [] platform, Kiwix improves its localisation localization on a daily basis. Translators from all over the world translate string by string the Kiwix user interface in their own mother tongue. It's pretty easy and we really need your help: we still need to download Kiwix in new languages, improve the current translations or translate new strings corresponding to new features. For the developers, we also still have strings which are hardcoded in the Kiwix source code, migrating them on is a good start to step-in in the project.
Bu vikiyi tercüme edecek insanlara da ihtiyacımız var. Bir (ya da iki!) makale tercüme etmek için tek ihtiyacınız olan bir hesap oluşturmak.
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'''People have a lot of ideas and we try to implement the best ones.''' Supported by the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia national chapters and a few other organisationsorganizations, Kiwix can set-up ambitious projects. We focus on projects which improve Kiwix itself, the communication around it, or related to the [ openZIM project]. We always run one or two important projects and few smaller ones at the same time. You may also have a look and maybe join one of them. We also have a few ideas for the future who definitly definitely need new people to be realisedrealized. [ If you have ideas, we would also love to heard about them!]
<div style="float: {{revautoalign}}; ">[[Special:MyLanguage/Projects|Projeler hakkında daha fazlası...]]</div>
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Roadmap|Yol haritası]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Projects|Projeler]]
* [[Special:MyLanguage/Press review|Basından]]

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