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Remove documentation about splitting ZIM files
My ZIM file is too big, what should I do?</translate>|answer=<translate><!--T:26-->
USB flash drives and memory cards are often formatted using the FAT32 filesystem which can't store files bigger than 4GB. Kiwix is Better use exFat, or any modern filesystem, and then you will be able to deal with 2GB splitted store big ZIM files. The splitted ZIM files must be named xxx.zimaa, xxx.zimab, xxx.zimac, etc. To split a ZIM file you may use:</translate><translate><!--T:27-->* On Microsoft Windows: [ FSJ-Lite],</translate><translate><!--T:28-->* On Apple Mac OSX: [ Split&Concat]</translate><translate><!--T:29-->* On GNU/Linux and with the console: split --bytes=2000M my_big_file.zim</translate> <translate><!--T:30-->To be readable by Kiwix, all chunks must be located in the same folder. Open then the xxx.zimaa file with Kiwix.</translate>}}
How can I build a ZIM file by myself?</translate>|answer=<translate><!--T:8-->
To export articles from Wikipedia and other Wikimedia projects, please go to their [ Special:Book]. For any other use case, this is unfortunately still too complicated (in short: Parsoid needs to be [[mw<tvar|1>|</> installed]], then [ mwoffliner] + zimwriterfs). Please read [ this page] if you want to have some information.</translate>}}
How to install a pre-indexed ZIM file on Mac OSXOS X?</translate>|answer=<translate><!--T:12-->
Move or copy the "data" directory in "/Applications/". You will probably need to go to the Kiwix "library" to load the ZIM content.</translate>}}
I have downloaded a ZIP file (pre-indexed ZIM file) but I can't unzip it, the file seems to be corrupted. What should I do?</translate>|answer=<translate><!--T:17-->
Use an unpacking software which supports the ZIP64 format (ZIP format for big files), like for example [ 7-zip]. If this still fails, then your file was corrupted during the transfer, please restart the download using BitTorrent, then it will work.</translate>}}
How do I check the integrity of my ZIM file?</translate>|answer=<translate><!--T:43-->
You can retrieve the checksums for each file we serve online using this pattern: <source>kiwix-filename.zim.mirrorlist</source>Example: <source></source></translate>}}
How can I launch Kiwix with a specific article?</translate>|answer=<translate><!--T:24-->
You need to launch Kiwix from the command line using the -articleByUrl option. For example:</translate><source lang="bash">kiwix.exe -articleByUrl "zim://A/foo.html" bar.zim</source>}}
I have a downloaded a .torrent file, but the download does not progress in my BitTorrent client.</translate>|answer=<translate><!--T:32-->
There are a few reasons why the download with BitTorrent might failed, most of them are related to the usage of [ web seeds]:</translate>
* <translate><!--T:33-->
Your computer is behind a proxy, you need to configure your BitTorrent correctly to use it</translate>.
* <translate><!--T:34-->
Your computer is part of a local network with custom network rules forbidding the BitTorrent usage, you should complain to your network system administrator.</translate>
* <translate><!--T:35-->
Your BitTorrent client does not support web seeds (correctly), please try with a better one (for example, [ Deluge]).</translate>}}
Where are located, on my computer, the content files I have downloaded?</translate>|answer=<translate>
If you have used the Kiwix library, the content are stored:</translate>
* On OS X:</translate> <source lang="bash">/Users/<LOGIN>/Library/Application Support/Kiwix/Profiles/<PROFILE>/data/</source>
* On GNU/Linux:</translate> <source lang="bash">/home/<LOGIN>/<PROFILE>/data/</source>
* On Windows:</translate> <source lang="bash">C:Documents and Settings<LOGIN>Application Datawww.kiwix.orgKiwixProfiles<PROFILE>data</source>}}
== <translate><!--T:18-->

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