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== Android ==
'''Kiwix for Android''' is a new version of Kiwix. It provides an easy way to enjoy Wikipedia and other ZIM files on all Android4+ devices. This app has a perfect Android look&feel and is extremely fast. Give it a try on [ Play Store] or [httpshttp://sourceforgedownload.kiwix.netorg/projectsbin/kiwix/files/ .apk download directly the APK file from Sourceforge].
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| style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:Archlinux.png|42px|center|link=http]]<small><p>[http /kiwix-bin/ &dArr; Archlinux]</p></small>
| style="vertical-align:bottom;"|[[File:logo_sugar.png|36px|center|link=]]<small><p>[ &dArr; Sugar]</p></small>
== Ver também ==
* [[Special:MyLanguage/{{ll|Features}}|Características]]* [[Special:MyLanguage/{{ll|Wikipedia}}|Wikipedia]]* [[Special:MyLanguage/{{ll|Help}}|Ajuda]]

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