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{{FAQ_entry|question=¿Cómo puedo hacer para que Kiwix inicie con un artículo específico?|answer=Es necesario iniciar Kiwix desde la línea de comandos utilizando la opción -articleByUrl. Por ejemplo:<source lang="bash">kiwix.exe -articleByUrl "zim://A/foo.html" bar.zim</source>}}
{{FAQ_entry|question=I have a downloaded a He descargado un archivo .torrent file, but the download does not progress in my pero la descarga no avanza en mi cliente BitTorrent client.|answer=There are a few reasons why the download with BitTorrent might failed, most of them are related to the usage of [ web seeds]:
* Your computer is behind a proxy, you need to configure your BitTorrent correctly to use it.
* Your computer is part of a local network with custom network rules forbidding the BitTorrent usage, you should complain to your network system administrator.

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