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The search engine is located on the right side of the toolbar. If you can select the search box and type a word inside that, it means your search engine is ready to use. Otherwise, Kiwix will ask you if you want to index the ZIM file or not. You will need to confirm this process in order to use the [[Special:MyLanguage/Features#Search_engine|full-text search engine feature]] or cancel it and use the program without this feature.</translate>
<translate><!--T:24-->This step is very time-consuming. Depending on the size of your ZIM file and the speed of your computer, might last several hours or even several days for big packages like the English Wikipedia. Note that there is a 20 to 100 percents difference in size between the indexed and non-indexed ZIM files and if you want to index a ZIM file, your computer will have to create the index files which their size is equal to the same difference of the indexed and non-indexed ZIM files, so be careful to do this process without turning your system down or closing the application.</translate>
<translate><!--T:25-->You can also see how many percents of the indexing process has been proceeded or remained in the progressive green bar on the Status bar (like [[File:Indexing-progress.png|link=]]), so your status bar should be active and do this appear that from '''Display''' menu if you can't see it now. Note that you won't need to do this long process if you download the Pre-Indexed ZIM file.

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