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== Apple Mac OSX OS X ==
'''Kiwix for Apple Mac OSXOS X''' é fornecida num ficheiro is provided as DMGfile. Só necessita de descarregar o ficheiroYou simply need to download it, montar a imagem mount the DMG e copiar ou instalar o image and copy/install Kiwix na pasta das Aplicaçõesto the Applications folder. Até ao momentoSo far, não existe versão portátil there is no portable (utilizável diretamente de directly usable on a USB, como exemploflash drive for example) do version of Kiwix para for Apple Mac OSXOS X.
Kiwix for Android is also available in alternative app stores like:
* [ Opera Mobile Store]
== iOS ==
'''Kiwix for iOS''' is a new version of Kiwix. It provides an easy way to enjoy Wikipedia and other ZIM files on iPhones, iPad and all iOS8+ devices. This app has a perfect iOS look&feel and is extremely fast. Give it a try on [ iOS App store].

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