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Created page with "'''Kiwix''' 允许你在没有互联网连接的条件下,去享受很多种不同的离线文档。这是一个桌面级应用程序,但是我们也推出了 {{ll|kiwix..."
[[File:Kiwix logo instaler.svg|{{revautoalign}}|330px]]
'''Kiwix''' allows you to enjoy a lot of different content offline, without any access to internet. It's a desktop application, but we also release a 允许你在没有互联网连接的条件下,去享受很多种不同的离线文档。这是一个桌面级应用程序,但是我们也推出了 [[{{ll|kiwix-serve}}|HTTP server version called 一个叫做 ''kiwix-serve''的 HTTP 版本]]. But before using 。但是在使用 Kiwix, you need to download it in accordance with the operating system you're using. Then, after starting 之前,你需要在你所配合使用的操作系统中下载,然后在电脑上启动 Kiwix on your computer, you will be able to choose the content of your wishes in the 之后,你有权在 Kiwix library and download it directly from 的数据库中选择你所希望的文档并且直接从 Kiwix.中下载。
== Microsoft Windows ==

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