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Hackathon Wikimania 2016

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== Impact ==
* Find synergies between integrators to avoid duplicate works
* Increase collaboration and understanding between Kiwix team and integrators
* Improve kiwix-serve, Kiwix solution uses by all integrators
* Publish first version of "ZIMit", an agnostic Web2ZIM scrapper allowing to create easily a ZIM for from any web site
* Publish new version of the Gutenberg scrapper and publish new versions of the Gutenberg ZIM files (last version is from 2014)
* Publish first version of sotoki, a [ StackExchange network] (most famous IT forums in the world) and publish ZIM files from the most famous site: stackoverflow , stackexchange, askubuntu, serverfault, superuser.
* Bring back ZIM export feature to Wikimedia web site (ZIM support in OCG), so everybody can click and create a custom ZIM file directly from Wikimedia web sites and per extension from any Mediawiki instance
* Improve MWoffliner to avoid duplicate code with OCG
* Add OPDS support to Kiwix infrastructure to allow our solution to scale and deal with >10.000 ZIM files
* Fix a few bugs with the TED scrapper and generate a new set of TED videos
== Method ==

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