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Hackathon Wikimania 2016

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; Sotoki
* Release version 1.0
; XSCE/Internet in a Box
* Participate in New Catalog Design
* Modify Admin Console to use New OPDS Catalog for ZIM Downloads
* Generate Navigation html snippets for downloaded ZIMs and integrate into menus
* Integrate ZIMit into XSCE Admin Console
* Modify impacted Help Files
* Adapt XSCE to new search strategy
* Integrate proxied kiwix server into apache in XSCE
* Test on three platforms: XO, RPi, NUC
* Stretch Goal: Generate Navigation snippets for downloaded ZIMs for use by WordPress
== Achievements ==
* Add OPDS support to Kiwix infrastructure to allow our solution to scale and deal with >10.000 ZIM files
* Fix a few bugs with the TED scrapper and generate a new set of TED videos
* Extend new features of Kiwix into XSCE/Internet in a Box
== Method ==

Navigation menu