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Hackathon Wikimania 2016

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* Test on three platforms: XO, RPi, NUC
* Stretch Goal: Generate Navigation snippets for downloaded ZIMs for use by WordPress
; Kiwix for Android
* Fix 3 bugs related to localisation @Emmanuel
== Achievements ==
; youtube2zim
* [ Remove useless --dl-playlist] @Dattaz
* [ if no playlist in channel, playlist select box should be invisible] @Dattaz
* [ Take care of the "presentation" video] @Dattaz
* [ Use youtube-dl re-encoding feature (instead of custom avconv syscall] @Dattaz
* Relase of [ version 1.0] @Dattaz
; zimwriterfs
* Clean-up of README and compilation scripts @Scott
* Fix many small bugs discovered by hackathon attendees @Emmanuel
* Split the whole code in multiple files @Matthieu
* Allow to write Xapian index directly in the ZIM file @Matthieu
* Speed up seriously the overall speed @Matthieu
; PhET
* Many big improvements to the PhET scrapper @Joe
* Move of the PhET scrapper source code to Github Kiwix project @Joe
* Publication and automatisation of monthly update of PhET ZIM files @Emmanuel
* Publication on Android store of the first PhET app @Emmanuel
; Kiwix Desktop
* Migration to new Xapian 1.4 (port for Windows/OSX still to do) @Emmanuel
* Add support for new glass single-file Xapian fulltext indexes @Emmanuel
; Zimbalaka
* Fix [ our live instance of Zimbalaka] @Alexis
; Libzim
* Simplification of the ZIM creation process @Scott
* Upgrade libzim/refdoc to allow to store fulltext index (get fileoffset of a content) @Matthieu
* Release libzim 1.3 @Emmanuel
; Node-libzim
* [ Nodejs binding for zimlib] @Scott
* Release of [ 0.0.2] @Scott
; Catalog
* Common agreement between attendees of [[Catalog|what information should belong to the catalog]] @Tim @Adam @Matthieu @Alexis @Emmanuel
* Common agreement to use OPDS
* First version of OPDS export has been done for Ideascube @Alexis
* First reader of OPDS import @Tim
; Sotoki (Stack Exchange projects ZIM generator)
* Revamping of the source code for better performanaces @Dattaz
* [ Big PR that correct issue] #30 #27 #25 #23 #22 #21 #20 #19 #17 #9 @Dattaz
* Almost ready for 1.0 release @Dattaz
; Kiwix for iOS
* 1.5.1 testing and release @Chris & @Emmanuel
* 1.6 Testflight release with few search improvments and fixes @Chris
; Kiwix in HTML5
* Release of [ kiwix-html5 2.0 beta] (first version after the merge with Evopedia) @Mossroy
* Publish 6 new versions "2016" of the TED talks @Emmanuel
; ZimIT
* Lot of progresses on the source code (still need a little bit bug-fixes for a 1.0 release) @Alexis
* Setup a first test version online at @Alexis & @Emmanuel
; Apache ZIM module
* First investigation work @Julian
== Impact ==
* Chris (remote)
* Dattaz
* Julian Harty* (with Kiwix hat)
; Mediawiki OCG
* [ Alexis]
* [ Matthieu]
; Rachel
* Julian Harty* (with RACHEL hat)
* Joe
== Costs ==
== See also ==
* [ Wikimania hackathon page]

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