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Hackathon Spring 2017

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Browser extensions: Explain how to install the extension more easily : without getting the code from github
Before it is available from Google and Mozilla extensions system, it can be installed manually :
* Checkout the kiwix-html5 github repo (master branch)
* For Firefox :
** download the .xpi file from
** open a new tab with URL "about:debugging"
** click on "load a temporary module" and choose the "manifest.json" xpi file from your local copy of the code
* For Chromium/Chrome :
** download the .crx file from
** open a new tab with URL "chrome://extensions/"
** click on "developer mode" then on "load unpackaged extension" drag and choose drop the directory of your local copy of the code (where the "manifest.json" fil is)crxf file into this tab
* On both browsers, a Kiwix icon should appear on the right of the address bar
* If you click on this icon, it should open a new tab with the Kiwix application. You must then choose your ZIM file(s), and you should be able to browse it

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