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Hackathon Spring 2017

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This page summarizes the action plan for the '''Kiwix Spring Hackathon 2017'''.
== Additional Hackathons ==
A larger [[Hackathon Wikimania 2017|http://OFF.NETWORK Hackathon]] will follow, in New York State right near Montreal (August 13-18, 2017) immediately after [ Wikimania 2017].
[[UkHackathon2017]] A mini hackathon is planned for 14th and 15th December 2017 in England that will focus on improving the quality of the Kiwix Android app.
== Goals ==
* Consider possible ways to enable users to provide device-info such as storage locations to help us improve support for their devices.
; Scrappers Scrapers (Python)* Fix Gutenberg scrapper scraper and generate new ZIM files
* Fix KALite ZIM export (for a first release)
* Create a fully automatized solution for Stackexchange projects ZIM files
; Scrapper Scraper Mediawiki (Nodejs)* Implement Wikihow scrapper scraper (non-parsoid Mediawiki scraper)
* Scrape categories
* Support videos (if Parsoid allows it)
; Phet
* Release a new version of Phet Simulation with an improved UX
* Add category filtering
; HTML5 (Javascript)
==== Apache ====
* Create a zim module for Apache (based on [ Julian]
=== zip2zim (zimwriterfs as a service) ===
Create an online tool for converting zip files of HTML into deployable zim files
== Group Discussion Topics ==
=== Browser extensions ===
A basic Basic browser extension has extensions have been commitedsubmitted to Mozilla and Google, to make them available on Firefox and Chrome. It's the same code on both of them.
Before it is they are available from Google and Mozilla their native extensions system, it they can be installed manually :
* For Firefox :
** download the .xpi file from httpsOpen , choose the latest date available, and click on the latest kiwix-firefox-signed-extension-** open a new tab with URL "about:debugging".xpi** click on "load a temporary module" and choose Confirm the xpi fileinstallation
** It's expected that only the jQuery mode will work under Firefox extension (Firefox limitation for now)
** This jQuery mode works well on wikipedia ZIM files, but has not been tested on other kind of ZIM files, where it should have big limitations
* For Chromium/Chrome :
** download the .crx file from httpsOpen , choose the latest date available, and download the latest kiwix-chrome-signed-extension-*.crx file** open a new Chromium/Chrome tab with URL "chrome://extensions/"** drag and drop the crxf crx file into this tab* On both browsers, a Kiwix icon should appear appears on the right of the address bar* If you click on this icon, it should open opens a new tab with the Kiwix application. You must then choose your ZIM file(s), and you should be able to browse it
=== Gutenberg scraper ===
* Updated dependencies and made it python3 compatible
* Parallelized long-running operations: download, parsing and export
* Fixed 3 all bugs related to the scraping processand enhancements from github* Add docker image and [ CI integration in Docker-hub]* Publication of [ Python package]
=== sotoki Sotoki ===* correct Release first version* Correct last small mobile bug* package Package to python package :* Add downloader for dump* Add intern link between questions, answers and users* Add Dockerfile and [ CI integration in Docker-hub]* Add option to specify zim path
=== youtube scrapper scraper ===
* update code and package to python package :
* Add Dockerfile and [ CI integration in Docker-hub]
* add option to specify zim path
=== openedx/FUN scraper ===
* brainstorming about how to do it
* making a first basically (no special case, only for, some things aren't put offline like fonts) working prototype
=== Android ===
* Restructured project to allow for easier testing and readablity.readability* Various bug fixes* Introduced new developers to tooling and processes* Travis CI* Custom apps generation moved to gradle* Very basic UI instrumentation tests added* New version bookmark/Reading List feature* Full automated Custom app generation
=== zimwriterfs ===
* Create Add Docker file and [ CI integration with dockerin Docker-hub ]* Fix small bug in usage(image openzim/zimwriterfs)
=== Ideascube builder ===
* Communication between python script and QEMU process
** establish ssh connection
** enable ssh server from via QEMU process input/output
* Setting up environment for [ ansiblecube] (as does)
* Script configuring and compiling linux for QEMU armhf emulation * Deployment of ideascube with ansiblecube in QEMU === zip2zim ===* Created working prototype* Add docker image and [ CI integration in Docker-hub] === PhET ===* Category Filtering* UI/UX improvements === wikihow scraper ===* Stub === Apache module ===* First version ready for Alpha testing on Debian-based servers see === Kalite ===* First version working === Search engine ===* Last bug fixes ft search* Integration ft search zimlib* More Travis integration (does not have options for ansiblecube captive portal yetkiwix-lib, kiwix-tools== Code organization ==* Setup the whole git/docker "openZIM" organization == MWoffliner ==* Add Dockerfile and [ CI integration in Docker-hub]* Add support local Parsoid
== Impact ==
* F&B: ~3000 CHF
-> ~9.000 CHF

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