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Adding Channel IDs for demoing
# Run Kolibri <code>./kolibri-v0.4.3.pex start</code>
# Navigate with your browser to http://localhost:8080
 Once installed, you can add content by logging in as an administrator and using one of the many available Channel IDs ... these are just a few of them, we should be able to have more   Khan Academy small test: 8b4d3e6d3d4842ba8ea658335b5dd252 Khan Academy English Math: 1ceff53605e55bef987d88e0908658c5 Khan Academy Swahili Math: ec164fee25ee526296e68f7c10b1e169 Khan Academy with exercises: f6d2f857af2e304093648daf2d8cacec Sikana in Chinese (ZH): 3e9ffc29aa0b59c3bda8d8c7ed179685 Sikana in French (TODOFR): reference a list of active Channel IDs 8ef625db6e86506c9a3bac891e413fff Sikana in English (EN): 3e464ee12f6a50a781cddf59147b48b1
In case you find an issue, feel free to ask in [ the community forum] or file an issue [ on Github].

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