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Hackathon Google Zurich 2018

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== Goals ==
 === Mossroy ===In Kiwix-js ===:
* Stabilize and optimize the ServiceWorker mode, to try to make it the default mode (on platforms that support it). This mode should be much more sustainable in the long term.
* Improve performance by using WebAssembly (on platforms that support it) for the bzip2 decompression. Preliminary tests let us hope around 30% performance improvement.
* Investigate on compiling the libzim to WebAssembly. If it's technically possible, it would allow to benefit from all the features and optimizations of this library, without the need of re-implementing them. If the people from Google know this technology, it might be a topic where they would be helpful.
 === Kiwix Android Isaac ===In Kiwix-Android:
* Work on 3.0
* Download improvements (improve stability)
* Search Improvements / Discussions
=== Julian ===
In Kiwix-Android:
* Implement test code coverage report in Travis
* Help to reduce the number of crash
=== Emmanuel ===
* Conclude preparation of projects for full automation and mwoffliner improvements
=== Renaud ===
* Release Kiwix-install 2.0
== Achievements ==

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