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Hackathon Google Zurich 2018

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== Achievements ==
=== Kiwix build ===
* Move on to Xapian 1.4.7
=== MWoffliner ===
* Release of MWoffliner 1.5 with [ following improvements]
* Creation of additional new ZIM files of, Wikipedia Ray Charles,, KLexikon,
* Various fixes in pre-existing ZIM file scrapping (around 20 tickets closed)
* Create "zim-requests" dedicated repo for new scrapping requests and move all ZIM creation tickets to it.
* Updated Documentation
* Added security and code quality checkers
=== Kiwix JS ===
* Release of Kiwix JS (2.3.1, Kiwix JS Windows) and corresponding custom apps for Windows* Big performance improvement on decompression of contents : it's now more than twice faster -> Release of 2.4.0* The ServiceWorker mode is now much more stable* The libzim has been compiled in WebAssembly. A prototype that uses it from javascript gives hope that libzim (or kiwix-lib) might be used by kiwix-js in the future (instead of a separate javascript implementation)
=== Kiwix Android ===
* Update of all Wikimed and Wikivoyage and others custom apps
* Generated Code Coverage for the automated tests locally, still some issues to resolve on some devices and there may be a clash with debugging the app when code coverage is enabled. Detail available The changes have now been accepted and merged. We have asked bitbar if they can help us run coverage and obtain the results from their cloud testing service.
* Worked on revamped download mechanism on branch: . Adding improvements to download stability.
=== Kiwix Hotspot ===
* #228 (SSH timeout) - merged fix attempt (uncomfirmed)
* #231: OPEN, CLOSED - build_dir UI issue
* #232: CLOSE - setup password issue
* #230: OPEN, CLOSED - password issue
* #229: OPEN, CLOSED - Verify `previous_loop_mode`
* New WikiFundi dumps: updated content and new password rules in config
* released 2.0-rc9
* CLOSED openzim/wikifundi/issues/89
* CLOSED openzim/wikifundi/issues/90
* Recreated Wikifundi dumps to include fixed config
* CLOSED #232
* CLOSED #236 - Redirect kiwix-serve home to ideascube
* More verbose and safer `test_mount_procedure`
* released 2.0-rc10
* #234: CLOSED - File size entry as a selection
* rebranded as Kiwix Hotspot
* Better SSH to QEMU connections
* Fixed UAC regression on Windows (dropped metadata)
* released 2.0-rc11
* #239: OPEN, CLOSED - Renamed macOS App
* #240: OPEN, CLOSED - Use safer image sizes
* #241: OPEN - cache cleanup tool
* WIP: Attempt to get it work with RPI0, so far seems possible.
=== Cardshop ===
* Deployed docker containers on *demo server*:
** rabbitMQ with SSL
** mongo
** basic scheduler (authentications, user mgmt)
** warehouse
** phony monitor
=== Zimwriterfs ===
* Added version arguments with meson build system
* Fixed dead symlink reference error
* Added macOS building to Travis
=== Lib Zim ===
* Refactored internal file/class name for (zim)creator
* Removed ''subprojects'' directory and updated README
=== Node Lib Zim ===
* Added security and code quality checkers
* Updated to support Node 10 and 8
=== Wikifundi ===
* Sort out last tickets and ready to publish WikiFundi 2.0
== Impact =Others ===* Decommissioning of old (replaced by the contact formular on* Creating new repo zim-requests to gather all ZIM requests and clean the "MWoffliner" one (move ticket from one to the other)* Bootstrap work for version 2.0 of* New recompiled ZIM file (with FT index) of "Wikipedia for schools"* Preparing requirements document for two contracts Q3/Q4* Dockerize and redeploy Kiwix Watcherbot in the Cloud.* Bootstrap work for Google Code-in 2018
== Method ==
~ 8 7 developers meet during a week to make a few steps forward.
== Place ==

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