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Created page with "'''Kiwix''' er en offline leser for web-innhold. Programmet gjør Wikipedia tilgjengelig uten å bruke internett, men kan potensielt sett brukes for alt HTML-innhold. Kiwix st..."
<div style="float: {{revautoalign}}; clear: {{revautoalign}};">[[{{ll|Software}}|Andre operativsystemer...]]</div>
'''Kiwix''' is an er en offline reader leser for web content-innhold. It's software intended to make Programmet gjør Wikipedia available without using the internettilgjengelig uten å bruke internett, but it is potentially suitable men kan potensielt sett brukes for all alt HTML content-innhold. Kiwix supports the støtter [ ZIM format-formatet], a highly compressed open et veldig komprimert åpent format with additional meta-datamed metadata.
Kiwix is [ free software], which means you can freely [[{{ll|development}}|copy, modify and distribute]] it.

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