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Created page with "{{metadesc|无论您走到哪里,Kiwix都能让您随时掌握整个维基百科!不需要网络连接,一切都存储在您的计算机,USB闪存驱动器或DVD上!}}"
(Created page with "很荣幸,受到了以下赞助")
(Created page with "{{metadesc|无论您走到哪里,Kiwix都能让您随时掌握整个维基百科!不需要网络连接,一切都存储在您的计算机,USB闪存驱动器或DVD上!}}")
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{{metadesc|Kiwix enables you to have the whole Wikipedia at hand wherever you go! You don't need Internet, everything is stored on your computer, USB flash drive or DVD!}}


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