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Tell us your story
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Created page with "Você primeiro faz o download do programa Kiwix da iTunes App Store para o seu dispositivo e, em seguida, faz o download dos arquivos de dados ZIM de sua escolha (por exemplo:..."
'''Kiwix for iOS''' is a new version of Kiwix. It provides an easy way to enjoy Wikipedia and other ZIM files on iPhone, iPad and all iOS8+ devices. This app has a perfect iOS look&feel and is extremely fast. Give it a try on [ iOS App store].
You first Você primeiro faz o download the do programa Kiwix program from the da iTunes App Store to your device and then para o seu dispositivo e, em seguida, faz o download the dos arquivos de dados ZIM data files of your choice de sua escolha (for examplepor exemplo: Wikipedia or ou Wikiquote).
You can download the ZIM file (or files) directly using the Kiwix App, but this may take a long time and is liable to errors. A faster and more reliable method is to use a computer to download the ZIM file from [[Content_in_all_languages|this web site]] then transfer the ZIM file to your iOS device using iTunes File Sharing.

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