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Build a DVD

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{{translations}}[[File:Kiwix box.png|250px|right]] This page is a documentation to help to easily '''build a DVD''', or any portable Newest version, with Kiwix and content on it. == File structure == {| style="width: maximum"|- style="background-color: #CCCCCC; width: 100%" |! Path || OS || Comment|-| /autorun.inf || Win || Necessary to give an icon and start automaticaly the DVD launcher|-| /autorun/ || Win || Necessary to store the DVD lauchner and autorun.inf dependences (ICO for example)|-| /install/ || all || Files necessary to install Kiwix on the HD|-| /data/content/ || all || Directory to store the ZIM files|-| /data/index/ || all || Directory to store the search index|-| /data/library/ || all || Directory to store XML library files|-| /kiwix/ || all || Directory to store the chrome, the components and binaries for all OS|-| /bonus/ || all || Directory to store additional stuff to stuff the DVD|} == Library ==The library directory should contain the library files (library.xml for example). The library files are a set of XML file in [[FeedFormat|this format]] which describes which content are documentation is available, where are the index, etc... To created this library file, use [[kiwix-manage]] or edit it manually (be careful, paths must be relative). == DVD launcher ==You can build a DVD launcher (autorun.exe) for Windows users. Read this [ README]. You can also download a pre-compiled version [ here]. == Windows installer == You can easily build an installer. Please read this [at README]. If you want an already compiled installer, you may download a portable version kiwix (only the software) which is always provided with an installer [https:-desktop/wiki/ here]. This installer is able to install Kiwix and will dynamically copied the files in /data. == ISO ==<source lang="bash">mkisofs -r desktop-J on-o ./dvd.iso ./dvd</source> == To download ==We already prepare portable version of Kiwix with content. Files are downloadable at You merely have to unzip the file. Beware, it's a flat directory structure, if you're used to Linux you want to <tt>mkdir KIWIX; unzip ../</tt>, with which you'll end up with the following files and directories in <tt>KIWIX</tt> (as of November 2014).  autorun data install kiwixan-0.9USB-src.tar.xz kiwix.exe autorun.inf dvd kiwix kiwixDrive-linux.tar.bz2 === Creating a Kiwix USB stick ===You can copy the files contained in the .zip onto a FAT32 formatted USB stick to get a device that can be used easily on Windows and OS X (as per November 2014Portable-version) machines, there are also the necessary files for Linux, but these will not work out of the boxTo add more than one Kiwix image you can add more files to <tt>data/</tt>. [[Category:Developer's Guide]]

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