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Created page with "'''Kiwix for GNU/Linux''' 是一个提供给x86架构的独立软件. * [ 32 bits binaries] * [https://download.kiwix.o..."
== GNU/Linux ==
'''Kiwix for GNU/Linux''' is a standalone application provided for the x86 architectures:是一个提供给x86架构的独立软件.
* [ 32 bits binaries]
* [ 64 bits binaries] (Download this if you don't know如果您不太了解,请下载这个)
Unpack the downloaded file and run the "kiwix" program. If you have a 64 bits x86 system and try to run the 32 bits version of Kiwix, check that you have the multi arch support installed on your computer.

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