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Tell us your story
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== [ (re)-Introduce ZIM support in Mediaswiki Book creator/OCG] ==
[ Mediawiki] is the est le motor wiki engine behind derrière [ Wikipedia], all tous les [ projets Wikimedia projects] and thousands other et des centaines d'autres sites Web sites. ItC's a cutting edge free software providing highly featured web est un logiciel libre de pointe fournissant des sites that anybody can editWeb hautement fonctionnels que n'importe qui peut éditer. Le contenu hébergé Mediawiki hosted content can be made available for offline usage through the peut être rendu disponible pour une utilisation hors-ligne avec l'[ Collection extensionde collection] (written in développé en PHP). The Collection L'extension allows to easily create de collection permet de créer rapidement une collection/selection of sélection d'articles: so called books , nommés livres ; here is voir [ how it works on the Wikipedia in English]. One time created, books can be exported in the PDF format. The PDF exporting backend itself is not provided by the Collection extension, it's done with a JavaScript based solution called [ OCG]. OCG is a NodeJS daemon able to transform a book definition in a PDF and it should be able to do the same in the ZIM format. The [ ZIM format] allows to store web pages (with images, videos, etc...) in one extremely compressed file, these pages are then available to read on most computers with a reader like [ Kiwix]. A [ stub of solution] has already been written] and the [ MWOffline] is already functional. This [ task] is mostly about merging them.
=== [[phpzim]] (assigned) ===

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